About Sessions

Consutation sessions to support address stress, depresion or anxiety using your hands, as to help improve your bussiness, and the relationship beetween work-life.

Healing Touch, International, hand placement sequence,  Relaxation, relieve and promote change.

* Relaxation, Relieve and Promote Change Techniques (RRPC) & HT Techniques

With the combination of hands on and off the body techniques from Healing Touch international programs and Hand placements sequence I assist you to reunite your innate and intuitive connection with your body and inner self. The right path for healing is to be able to move forward, into more empowering choices of self-care.  Usually this type of sessions are in person but we can do call in sesssions too. Every session or healing workshops will explore your unique energetic system which will allows you to open your self for healing and spiritual growth.

meditation, consultations, intuition, guidance

* Consultations

You do not need to know how to meditate ! These sessions are Intuitive meditations for guidance. I will guide you in meditation. After a breefly discussion on your inquiry, Healing is an important part of your life experience!

 practice meditation for spiritual growth.

energy workshops, energetics of purpose, call-in sessions

Create your workshop:

In the workshop together we will explore topics that are truly transformational, all of which result in you moving into your TRUE spiritual purpose--actively.  Choose 2  topics to create a workshop from the events information page. send me an email  in contacts.