Release the pain of the past and fear of the future

Contemplation, deliberation, and repetition for self-care

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Relaxation Techniques

With the combination of mindfulness Meditation and Healing Touch  I assist you to reunite your innate and intuitive connection between your Body, Emotions, Mind and Spirit. The right path for healing is to be able to move forward, into more empowering choices of self-care. Every session will explore your unique Chakra system which will allows you to open your self for healing touch therapy. 


Meditation & Hands in Motion can help you with:

Healing Therapy sessions can help you beyond: 

*Gain the focus you need  to achieve goals.

*Pain, Anxiety and Stress reduction.

*Pre-operation for medical treatments, procedures and side effects managements.  (i.e. Chemotherapy or radiation)

*Emotional, mental and spiritual support. 

*Stress and Pain Management

*Concentration improvement.

This therapy supports your every day living, restoring the Energy balance of your body creating a sense of wellbeing. 


See the Difference and Feel the Difference

Healing is an important part of your life experience!

Relaxation, relieve and promote change!