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"The Energetics of Purpose"

This will be a very intimate workshop, one day and a half with best-selling author, intuitive and healer Cyndi Dale, exploring topics like stress-busting the energetic of anxiety-depression and awakening the enlightenment bodies to open opportunities for success. (12 CE hours) 

This intimate workshop will gently hold you while your power fully​ activates​. 

Explore topics that are truly transformational, all of which result in you moving into your TRUE spiritual purpose--actively. Topics and activities will include the following: 

o Stress-busting energetic anxiety and depression (the "winter blues" that might be encasing your soul) 

o Transformation of the dark energies, such as anxiety and depression, into potent allies.

o The draining of pain, physical and emotional.

o The transmutation of physical, psychological, intellectual (thought form) and spiritual blocks.

o The activation of your inner spirit.

o The awakening of your Enlightenment Body, an actual collection of organs, energetic fields, glands, hormones, and alchemical metals that boost your spiritual gifts and assure you purposeful MOVEMENT; this research is highly interesting, unknown, and based in science.

o Awareness of the foods and substances that will bolster your Enlightenment Body.

This event is possible in collaboration with Irma Jerusa to support all Healers, Caregivers, Alternative Therapists work, Psychologists and General Public with the awareness of energetics.

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Cyndi Dale in beautiful Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada. For more information about the ticket price and location click on the link below and scroll down.  Email-transfers are accepted.

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