"During these nine months in my online sessions with Jerusa, she has always guided me from beginning to end with an indescribable naturalness, helping me to establish a routine of self-care that allows me to have clarity and concentration in all the activities of my day to day. With it, I have learned to be more aware of my being and how to be in unison with my spirit, my body and my mind. No matter what topic we should focus on in our session, Jerusa always has a healing exercise that helps me find that calm and the energy I needed to be able to accomplish something or to improve myself."   Monica  Bradly  Massachussets, USA

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"...Irma is gentle, efficient, and knowledgeable.  I relax and become more aware of the energy around me.  She is very patient and joyful.  She is also respectful and an attentive listener. I would recommend my friends to come to Irma Jerusa if they were in pain or anxiety."         

Beatriz Raynard.



"I have had several healing touch sessions with Irma.

 She is very professional, honest and a very caring person.  I always feel wonderful after one of her treatments.  She truly gives of herself and totally connects when giving the treatment.  

I would definitely recommend her for energy treatments"

Nancy Westman



I would like to take this opportunity to thank very much for your therapy of healing. Also, I would like to highly recommend you to anyone who is in need of healing touch therapy. I found the sessions very relaxing and healing, it amaze me how many emotions we carry inside our body that we are not aware.." 

Soledad Barraza

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Every Month we have a Circle or group practice,  

Next year will have an On-site celebrity, stay tunned for November 2019, let me surprise you :)

Be part of my documentation case studies and get half  price for each session. It's anonimous and confidential.



For me Jerusa’s session was very helpful discerning the stressful issues that  I have in my life. And to look at the changes that we have to do to overcame obstacles that cloud our health. 

Jerusa has a great personality is full of compassion and is knowledgeable about human feelings that can be so complicated.    SB



Does it work with out knowing what Chakras are? Absolutety, in our session together you will understand what Chakras  are and their function according with the information you already have.